Pax: Welcome to the High Life (Tech, Lifestyle)

Director/DP, Art Director, Video Editor, Motion Designer & Colorist

I teamed up with the creative duo of Terrence Caviar to create the “Welcome to the High Life” digital video campaign for Pax Premium Vaporizers.

In this vibrant and visceral story, a self-confident woman strives to enhance and elevate her every day. Set in lively scenes from morning to night, a fashion-forward wardrobe with striking textures helps create impactful silhouettes while conveying style and ease.

My approach to the cinematography was to create a Gucci meets Space Odyssey look and feel. Where moments feel ethereal and all of a sudden a quick pan snaps you back into the world we’ve created.

This campaign is all about embracing a finer thing in life to reliably uplift your mood and color your world.