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Wish Local: Too Good (Tech, Comedy)

Director, Editor, Sound Designer, VFX, Motion Designer & Colorist

The premise of Wish Local, Too Good was to inform the audience that Wish Local exists and that it’s fast and easy to use.

I took this in a comedic direction with a hint of 70’s spy kitsch. A suspicious customer staking out his nearby Wish Local store to see what’s up and a store clerk who is mildly entrained by this encounter. When the clerk notices the customer – he hides, she laughs, then casually walks over to deliver the package. After the hand off, he realizes how good Wish Local truly is and his mood instantly changes as he belts out a joyful “YES!”

On top of the hero 40, 15’s and 6’s – I created an army of alts for: UA Ads and TikTok – as well as localized versions for different countries.