Wish: Resolution Solution (Tech, Comedy, Retail)

Director, Writer, Video Editor, Sound Designer, VFX & Colorist

Instead of doing the same old New Years party concept – sparkle and shine, big smiles and fire works. I tapped into the human truth of New Years, the resolution. Which to be honest, usually ends as an epic fail. So I hit the funny bone of that idea with…

Solutions to Resolutions, Wish has you covered!

This New Year a variety of couples are having resolution troubles… Thankfully, they have the Wish App to provide solutions to their resolutions.

When writing this series, I decided breaking the 4th wall was the best direction. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were a part of the New Year’s resolutions (cooking, fitness and hobbies) gone wrong.

Hopefully, this connection would make Wish feel more authentic and in turn – convert viewers to shoppers.